“The Study of “the Eternal” (2014)

The young artists in this exhibition are selected after the recommendations by museums, galleries and universities. My artwork is an architectural piece, where the inner walls are reversed unto outer walls, with a structure of alcove. In the front of the piece, there follow images of a man continuing sleep, a gaze from within water unto the remote shore, flare and a small bird that flies away from a palm. In the rear of the piece, there is another architectural space with a peep hole, where sentences in a loop are shown as a roll end. This is an investigation on dream and eternity.

“The Study of “the Eternal” Exhibition by Promising Artists in Kyoto Prefecture ~The Way to the Kyoto International Contemporary Art Festival 2015 ~, Kyoto at the Museum of Kyoto January-February 2014

Artist talk(2014)

Comment on the artwork in the pamphlet

Some children find their place to live in a small space.
The intimate space called alcove reminds us of this sensation of childhood.

Similarly, when we see someone wake up in our dream, my dream becomes that place in childhood for that someone; here, the relationship of the self to the other is reversed.

It might be called my consciousness as a place of the other. It is as though the other happens to find their alcove in a corner that is beyond any possibility. It is a place to live for a strange being that is still undifferentiated between self and the other.
I investigate the eternity of the flickering consciousness that belongs to no one.


The copy of the sentences shown in the artwork in a form of loop

Written by Akiko OKADA

A When I fall asleep, you wake up from your dream.
B I wake up from my dream, I find myself in darkness. It is because you are sleeping in the night.
C Because you have begun dreaming, my surroundings are now brighter.
D Presently you will wake up from your dream and say to you who are awake: “I have been dreaming of how I was waking up.”
A’ I dreamt. I have waked up from my dream.
In my dream I saw a flower bloom, which seemed to be a flower composed of many flowers.
B’ I sprung from a bud.
It was still utterly dark, because your consciousness was still night.
A” My consciousness becomes day, and I see you waking up from your dream.
B” A mother is standing in a shining daylight with flowers in her hands.
I saw on the wall of the house the same flowers blooming.
Now I fall asleep in that house.
And you wake up from your dream.

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