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This website will be soon overall revamped.Here is therefore the information only about the latest works.

Recently I published a book entitled:

 “The Language of Contemporary Art through the Ear of Psychoanalysis: How is the expressing subject ‘I’ generated” (Minerva Shobo, 2017, ISBN 978-4623080014).

The cover image is the one of my works as Found Photography.

Although there is very little information about my works for the time being, I would very much like you to come over again.




~About this book~

Who is speaking about what – in a language which fails to be words? The discourse in dreams, drawings and works in contemporary art, as our expressions and representational activities, is followed in this book through narratives and artworks, with the psychoanalytic concepts of Freud and Lacan, far into the point of the birth of the subject. The question of what the subject is, the one that can be harboured by anyone, emerges as a chiasm of psychoanalysis and contemporary art. The structure of the expressing being, named “I”, is revealed in this treatise on expression. Includes at the end of the book, a commentary by Kazushige Shingu (psychiatrist)



This book integrates the invisible forms of unconscious language and the inaudible voice of contemporary art. It is an exceptional and exemplary achievement of structural psychoanalysis. 〔Kazushige Shingu, M.D. (psychiatrist)〕