“The fruit of truth: Hiatus” (2010)

This is an expression of human psychical structure. Human psychical space is represented by real objects and space, with an allusion to dream symbolism. Photographs, videos, human ashes, paraffin,trees, living canary and so on are used. This is an installation concerned with the richness involved in life and death of a woman.

The fruit of truth: Hiatus, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka, September 2010

installation view  photo: Takashi MINEKURA

video voice / text data

                                             shining in the dark         blind eye

 excrements, coming down from a little bird          falling water

                        burning flames   burning body       trees  your head

                                                 the fruit of truth          hiatus

                                       your visage, deceased          your ashes

                                                     I am a woman          I am a woman


                                  earth laid on the ground          pregnant womb

                                                  I am a daughter          I am a daughter

                                                         place below          place above

                                                     I am a mother          I am a mother

                the left breast          the right breast

               beautiful you          beautiful me