“The Arche of the Dream” (2013)

This is a video-installation, which reconstructs the memory of what has been and what is lost, circulating between the inside and the outside of the ego in the space of Raigou-ji temple. Locality and rich culture make an intersection – such is the very site-specificity of this temple in Nara Prefecture.

The Arche of the Dream, Art Festival : HANARART , Raigo-ji Temple, Nara November 2013




The arkhē of the dream” – For the installation In Sakurai –

A person was watching another who strikes cymbals. – In fact, it was a dream who was hearing the alarm bell jingle loudly.
This reminds me of one thing. It is a game, where one guesses what object or animal is inside the box by sticking their arm into the hole of the box and feels it.
Here, we find our relationship to “something” which is separated from us by a box. This relationship is just like the relationship of reality to dream, in other words, it is almost my relationship to “someone else’s memory”.
The relationship between the individual self and someone else’s memory – It ranges from the memories of their parents and siblings to the environmental area, and even further, up to the memories of foreign people beyond the ocean. One can even wonder whether or not the memories that were impossible are within this range. Thus, we are invited to be aware of the fact that a group of memories that are not ours are what ties one to others, and the “I” to my “self”, even more than one’s proper memory can do.
Visiting Sakurai, I come to imagine what is in Sakurai now and what is not any more, how Sakurai is the place where various cultures were born, and how my being born in Japan is knotted to these origins in Sakurai with my proper memory.
The self who receives reality and the self in my dream who perceives this reception, the things in the box and the “I” who is touching them from the outside – These relational movements toward the other form a torus and thus circulates between the self and the other as if they follow the path toward the arkhē of the dream.
Visiting Raigou-ji temple favored by people in Sakurai, I am so glad to be permitted to use this traditional room at the entrance of the temple building, and try to make an installation representing a reality of this circulation, in this space of the intersection of the region and rich culture.