“Insomnia” (2014-2015)

A subjective shot which is moving with a dim light in a gloomy room in France, a light of mirror which appears time to time, images of the inner space of the carriages of a train between Germany and France, and an announcement of the airplane. These are intermingled in the claustrum of sense of space of the memory and the representations of the dream of the protagonist. This is an 8 mm film piece about the ephemerality of place and life, where the images that were once there are to be lost by being projected.

2014-2015 Insomnia, Survival8, vol.1, ASYL, Osaka November 2014.The YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library Friday Theater,YAMAGATA Documentary Film Library, Yamagata, February 2015. Analogue Media Conference 2015【1895 – 2015 What the current Films are】,Tokyo, March 2015. FMF Cinematheque 2015, IAFShop*, Fukuoka, December 2015.