A video work which visualizes the physicality of viewing into the phase between the optical device (video camera) and the surface of the object.

《GAZE》5min.05sec. (1996), 4th Fukui International Youth Media Art Festival, Fukui

From the Catalog of  “4th Fukui International Youth Media Art Festival, Fukui”,

The pure experience of the act of viewing consists not only of the focusing on the object but also of perceiving it out of the focus in its emergence onto the sight of the viewer. By staring, I render myself back into the very fundamental function of “somatic eye”. In the process of making this video work, the operation of staring straight incessantly fascinated me, in that it annihilated the distance from the object by acutely approaching it. If I do nothing but staring, it evokes in me a sensation of touching the surface of the object by my eyes. This brought me a great affinity.