“Distant Sound – To see in being -” (2016)

The self dwells in something other than itself. Thus, seeing becomes identified with being. This mode of being gives rise to the act of seeing and the sensation of the proper existence. Hence an attempt to visualize and put into work the strange mind-body-consciousness experience psychoanalytically called “the fragmented body” which is set in the place of intersection of the vision and the sensation of the being. A close-up shot of the eye and images of limbs extended to the maximum are projected from distance with a superimposition one on the other, thus this installation work is presented in the exhibition space.

Distant-soundTo see in being,  February 2016

Installation view (2016) Photo: Tomas Svab

Comment distributed in the exhibition room

The self goes to dwell in something other than itself, its seeing becomes identified with being, and this mode of being gives rise to the act of seeing and the sensation of proper existence, then the impression comes to me that this mode of being is the support of the tie between myself and the other just like a sound coming from far away but reverberating clearly. So I make an installation based on this meditation.

A related parallel event was held as follows:

Related Lectures “Things and Representations”
Time: February 28 (Sun.) 2:00-4:00 pm.
Place: Ryoon-ji temple(about 5 minutes’ walk from the exhibition site)
Lecture 1:”The Seeing of Seeing: Image and Materiality in Film”/Masaru OHASHI(Lecturer of image art and sciences in Osaka University of Arts)
Lecture 2: “Screen versus Screen, or Memory as a Screen”/Kazushige SHINGU, M.D. (Professor at the Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University)