“A New Birthday” (2012)

Installation work, one of the components of which is the building of the gallery itself.An animation image made of drawn lines and a film of beating heart are projected onto a georgette curtain. An eye and a breast appear alternatively, with water drops falling down from them unto the heart that is laid bare. The speakers are emitting the heart sound.

The TV monitor suspended on the wall is ornamented with a ribbon, and has a white frame, through which one sees a half-naked woman in the forest. There comes a child with pink hair and red ribbon, who is waiting for something to happen, while pouring water on the woman, sometimes crouching down.

Entering the exhibition space, the viewer feels as if they are now in the inside of their own, or someone else’s body.  Here they are given an image of rearing, nurturing or awakening, concerning the relationship of donation between the living and the dead.  Therefore, this is an artwork that pursues the meaning of the heritage and development of this donation through new births and remembrance of memory.

A New Birthday, ART SPACE NIJI, Kyoto April 2012

Installation View(2012) photo: Tomas Svab

Comment distributed in the exhibition:


When I remember my dear person who is now deceased, it is as if drops from the breast were falling on the newly uncovered heart, reviving the deceased into life again with new beats of heart, giving me a sense of living together.


“Let me celebrate your new birthday!”


Becoming a mother of a mother,

We will be reborn again.

As a small child who is giving a present,

Or as if we were awakening in the memory of the dead,

Who is in the remote past,

I make an installation, in this spring air of this new April,

Of a house of the heart.


Akiko OKDA